OV with Python 3.8.5!

Well Hains did it! We hope that we’re the first team to bring enigma2 with Python 3 but who cares about the winnning, what matters is a working image.

You can find first OV test images with Python 3 in https://forum.openvision.tech/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=830 (accessible to Vision Tester group) so it’s for private testing and please don’t publish them for end-users.

You may be suprised at first to see enigma2 with Python 3 but keep in mind that this development requires more tests/contributions to be significantly stable.

Zgemma HiSilicon/ARM boot problems

Seems we had problems in our defconfig files for Zgemma HiSilicon/ARM but some were ok like h9

Please compile new images (10.2-r228) for h9, h9combo, h10, i55plus, h0 and h8 also h7

You may want to compile for Gfutures HiSilicon/ARM again as we changed those models too.

Let us know of the results.

The new remote control detection system

Open Vision now has the smartest remote control detection system among enigma2 teams.

Since now we don’t use any kind of dirty python hacks inside enigma2 or Open WebIF to detect remotes.

You need 7.4-r164 or 10.1-r213 at least.

OV 10.1 is out!

Thanks to all Vision Developers OV 10.1 with GCC 10.1 is out!

We’re using the last release of Python 2 which is 2.7.18

If you’re a developer try contacting us and join the development, we would be happy to have you.

Happy new year!

We’re going to migrate to Open Vision 9.3 in spring 2020 and we will remove metas from 7.3 one by one but as some models are still using old kernels like 2.6.18 (dm800) we will keep 7.3 for those models and sadly there will be no 9.3 for them.

It’s possible to release 9.3 for those models, we don’t say it’s not possible but the thing is we need to downgrade lots of packages in order to do that so the result will be something like 7.3 again.

Old models still will get some of the updates like enigma2 updates …

Open Vision 9.3 is the newest enigma2 image on the planet because we use master branch of OE for 9.3 and each 15 days we sync it with https://github.com/openembedded

  • GCC 9.3.0
  • Glibc 2.31
  • GStreamer (latest git)
  • FFmpeg 4.2.2 (latest stable)
  • Python 2.7.18
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1g
  • Busybox 1.31.1
  • Binutils 2.34
  • GnuTLS 3.6.12

Wish you the best,
May Open Vision be with you.

New SH4 development

Persian Prince is working on SH4 so we should expect good news, here’s what he wrote:

My main focus is now on SH4 development till February 2020 then it would be Amlogic.

To-Do list:

– Support forever_2424hd, forever_3434hd, forever_9898hd and forever_nanosmart (Fortis 4th generation) (WIP)
– Support enigma2 boot on H205 platform which needs creating new loaders (Done)
– Support STi H205 platform (Done)
– Support qboxhd and qboxhd_mini (WIP)
– Support creating flashable images (Done)
– Support Reseller ID (Done)
– Support UBIFS images (Done)

So we will see new enigma2, kernel and driver changes regarding SH4.

Test images by Persian Prince

Hi everyone,

My new test images will be uploaded on http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nlkzsek307bpf/openvision-test-images-by-persianprince

I will release 7.3 images for all STBs listed here: https://github.com/OpenVisionE2/openvision-oe/blob/develop/Vision-metas.md

These images don’t have any feed/online server as they’re just for test.

No 9.2 images for now as my main focus is to first release images for all brands/models.

Donation link: https://forum.openvision.tech/app.php/donate

You could send me an email for a specific model: persianpros@yahoo.com


Do you want to contribute to Open Vision and you don’t know where to start? https://forum.openvision.tech/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=306 is for you.

There we will tell you how you could contribute to Open Vision and help us grow together.


As our build server isn’t quite ready and we need more testing and testers regarding both Open Vision 7.2 and 9.1 since now you’re allowed to publish development versions with “unofficial-version” tag, read:

* Are you allowed to compile development versions? Yes!
* Are you allowed to distribute development versions? Yes but only with “unofficial-version” tag.
* Are you allowed to make our images compatible with clones? Yes!
* Are you allowed to distribute cloned images? Yes but only with “clone-version” tag.
* Do we support clones? No!
* Are you allowed to make backup of our images? Yes!
* Are you allowed to distribute backup images? Yes but only with “backup-version” tag.
* Do we provide support for self-building? No! We prefer to work on our projects.
* Do we need more Vision Developers? Absolutely yes! Contribute to our git and we will contact you!
* Do we need more Vision Testers? Absolutely yes! Test our images and report bugs, help us grow you’ll see the title flows.
* Do we support our image in multiboot situations? No! Check about screen and if our module is not loaded then you’re on your own!

VisionDroid android app

Public releases: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nlkzsek307bpf/openvision-test-images-by-persianprince (Please share this on all forums)

Sources: https://github.com/OpenVisionE2/VisionDroid

VisionDroid is based on dreamDroid sources: https://github.com/sreichholf/dreamDroid

We need to change some dreamDroid logos and svg files and adapt VisionDroid to be compatible with Open WebIF not Dreambox WebIF.

“Persian Palace” android app isn’t ready yet because the enigma2 plugin should be adapted for Open Vision and I’m working on it (It was for “Persian Empire” images before).

As I mentioned in the news: https://openvision.tech/?p=47 If you know android and enigma2, you could help us make VisionDroid more compatible with Open WebIF.