Did you try “HisiLogoTool” for creating logo.img (HiSilicon splash) with no luck?

You can create working ones with HiTool (HiFastplay) 😉


OV expansion for OE-A

Over time we heard some inexperienced people said OV is closed-source which is nonsense. They don’t know how to work with OE otherwise we wouldn’t be having this repo:


OV with feeds for all!

Thanks to ds77 (WXbet) now we have OV for more than 350 models with online feeds! It means OV supports more than any team out there 😉

Simple link :)

Thanks to ds77 now we have: https://images.openvision.dedyn.io/current.php?open=MACHINE&type=IMAGETYPE

So for example if we want the latest enigma2 image for Zgemma H9 we use: https://images.openvision.dedyn.io/current.php?open=h9&type=usb

Enjoy 😉

OV’s archives

Old metas (hypercube, linkdroid and odroid) removed from 7.6 and moved to https://github.com/OpenVision-Archive for study.

We don’t support those anymore thanks to the poeple who kept the sources private and killed the development.

CMD images!

Now we have a new line of images for server lovers “openvision-cmd” instead of “openvision-e2”:

  • No enigma2
  • No GUI
  • Less than half in size
  • OSCam pre-installed
  • Network only and command line