Bug report

We’re shutting down the forums so use https://github.com/OpenVisionE2/reports/issues/new/choose for bug report instead, this way developers would be notified faster.

Python 3.11

As you can check our builds on https://images.openvision.dedyn.io we’re using Pyhon 3.10.8 for 12.2 py3 images, next month Python 3.11 will be released and we will use it as soon as possible.

The thing is OV 12.2 py2 will be dropped after Python 3.11 release so consider 12.2 py2 as EOL.

Create bootlogo

Do you want to know how to create bootlogo and splash on Ubuntu?

Just read https://github.com/OpenVisionE2/ov-logo/blob/master/README.md 😉


Do you want to recover your dead HiSilicon model?


OV expansion for OE-A

Over time we heard some inexperienced people said OV is closed-source which is nonsense. They don’t know how to work with OE otherwise we wouldn’t be having this repo:


Simple link :)

Thanks to ds77 now we have: https://images.openvision.dedyn.io/current.php?open=MACHINE&type=IMAGETYPE

So for example if we want the latest enigma2 image for Zgemma H9 we use: https://images.openvision.dedyn.io/current.php?open=h9&type=usb

Enjoy 😉

OV’s archives

Old metas (hypercube, linkdroid and odroid) removed from 7.6 and moved to https://github.com/OpenVision-Archive for study.

We don’t support those anymore thanks to the poeple who kept the sources private and killed the development.

CMD images!

Now we have a new line of images for server lovers “openvision-cmd” instead of “openvision-e2”:

  • No enigma2
  • No GUI
  • No python (optional)
  • Less than half in size
  • OSCam pre-installed
  • Network only and command line

Is it possible to change cmd to e2 with opkg install? No!

Is it possible to change e2 to cmd with opkg remove? No!

Why mentioning python version? Because some binaries use python to be compiled so we mention which version the binary was build against.