Python 3.10.4 test images

Our public beta images with Python 3.10.4 are out 😉

Obviously OV 11.2 only.

OV with feeds for all!

Thanks to ds77 (WXbet) now we have OV for more than 350 models with online feeds! It means OV supports more than any team out there 😉

Simple link :)

Thanks to ds77 now we have:

So for example if we want the latest enigma2 image for Zgemma H9 we use:

Enjoy 😉

OV 11.2 is stable now!

OV 11.2-r416 is stable enough to be used so lets read what’s changed:

We support more than 300 models in our sources and we don’t have them all for sure, none of our image builders have any kind of responsibility for the boxes they don’t own.

We need feedbacks for the new changes so read and provide us proper logs to fix possible problems.

If you’re posting about your problems in other places/forums know this for sure WE DON’T READ THEM.

OV 11.1

OV 11.1 with GCC 11.1 is ready but takes time for all brands/models to be compatible as some kernels require additional patches.

Also meta-sh4 moved back to OV 7.6 so there will be no GCC 4.9.4 and Glibc 2.23/25 in OV 11.1

Newer tools won’t bring any good for SH4 and make it slower so after removing of odroid, linkdroid and hypercube metas from OV 7.6 now meta-sh4 belongs to OV 7.6

Certified Compilers group removed

Now only team members could compile OV images.

Sorry to inform you but someone within this group leaked our sources and gave them to others which is not acceptable at all.

There will be no access for other people outside of team so this is the result of breaking the trust.

We tried.

OV’s archives

Old metas (hypercube, linkdroid and odroid) removed from 7.6 and moved to for study.

We don’t support those anymore thanks to the poeple who kept the sources private and killed the development.

All OV repos are public again!

Well we know who the pirates are now don’t we? Some of them are famous also 😉

The thing is all our repos are public again except two OEs which the last public version of those have been uploaded on github for who’s interested in studying them.

All of our codes are public now for study not for self-building or commercial use as those uploaded OEs need maintenance and we won’t be a part of it so you may be able to build OV with them or you may not and that’s not our duty to make sure you can (find someone to keep them up-to-date for you).

The purpose of this is to make sure nobody could come up with what we (team members) provide, we don’t like our images get renamed/rebranded to something else.

If any kind of code gets copied from our sources needs to mention our name (Open Vision) with the name of the author and the address to our github.

CMD images!

Now we have a new line of images for server lovers “openvision-cmd” instead of “openvision-e2”:

  • No enigma2
  • No GUI
  • Less than half in size
  • OSCam pre-installed
  • Network only and command line

OV is Private now!

Lots of our git repositories are now private and no self building is possible thanks to source steallers.

Only team members could compile Open Vision images till further notice. Certified compilers soon will be able to compile images again.

This is sad news we know but good news is our development continues.

We see:

  • Some people/teams are using our sources without giving credits.
  • Some people/teams removed our donation link.
  • Some people/teams are rebraning OV to something else and removing OV name.
  • Some people/teams won’t publish their sources but they’re using ours.
  • Some people/teams keep good things private and won’t send us PRs so instead of contribution they make private releases and even sell them.
  • Some people/teams are showing fake git repos and their real enigma2 sources are closed or they’re using local patches and some of those public git repos are just for show (Can you believe a team updated enigma2 sources after 6 months with one file change? Yep a bad joke).

This has to end so lets fight the bad guys in enigma2 scene.

We’re not happy to bring you bad news but when there’s no respect some changes are necessary.

The core of each enigma2 image is enigma2 itself and that’s open on our git and we update it for real not a fake repo so if you want to lecture us just keep it.