All OV repos are public again!

Well we know who the pirates are now don’t we? Some of them are famous also 😉

The thing is all our repos are public again except two OEs which the last public version of those have been uploaded on github for who’s interested in studying them.

All of our codes are public now for study not for self-building or commercial use as those uploaded OEs need maintenance and we won’t be a part of it so you may be able to build OV with them or you may not and that’s not our duty to make sure you can (find someone to keep them up-to-date for you).

The purpose of this is to make sure nobody could come up with what we (team members) provide, we don’t like our images get renamed/rebranded to something else.

If any kind of code gets copied from our sources needs to mention our name (Open Vision) with the name of the author and the address to our github.