OV is Private now!

Lots of our git repositories are now private and no self building is possible thanks to source steallers.

Only team members could compile Open Vision images till further notice. Certified compilers soon will be able to compile images again.

This is sad news we know but good news is our development continues.

We see:

  • Some people/teams are using our sources without giving credits.
  • Some people/teams removed our donation link.
  • Some people/teams are rebraning OV to something else and removing OV name.
  • Some people/teams won’t publish their sources but they’re using ours.
  • Some people/teams keep good things private and won’t send us PRs so instead of contribution they make private releases and even sell them.
  • Some people/teams are showing fake git repos and their real enigma2 sources are closed or they’re using local patches and some of those public git repos are just for show (Can you believe a team updated enigma2 sources after 6 months with one file change? Yep a bad joke).

This has to end so lets fight the bad guys in enigma2 scene.

We’re not happy to bring you bad news but when there’s no respect some changes are necessary.

The core of each enigma2 image is enigma2 itself and that’s open on our git and we update it for real not a fake repo so if you want to lecture us just keep it.