New SH4 development

Persian Prince is working on SH4 so we should expect good news, here’s what he wrote:

My main focus is now on SH4 development till February 2020 then it would be Amlogic.

To-Do list:

– Support forever_2424hd, forever_3434hd, forever_9898hd and forever_nanosmart (Fortis 4th generation) (WIP)
– Support enigma2 boot on H205 platform which needs creating new loaders (Done)
– Support STi H205 platform (Done)
– Support qboxhd and qboxhd_mini (WIP)
– Support creating flashable images (Done)
– Support Reseller ID (Done)
– Support UBIFS images (Done)

So we will see new enigma2, kernel and driver changes regarding SH4.